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How do I select a category?
You can select a category by clicking on Category selection on middle left side of the screen. When selected, the Subcategory selection will appear to narrow down your selection. After selecting the subcategory, the lightbox area of the screen will be populated with scenes from that category/subcategory.

How do I select a scene?
After selecting the category you're intreseted in, you can just click on the scene in the lightbox area to watch it. Scenes are sorted chronologically in descending order.

Are all scenes alive?
No. Live scenes have a "Live" marker on them on Browse page. While a player is still streaming their game, you will see it in real time and live. But when they are done with their session, we will archive their game and play it back as a video on demand session.

Can I chat with the player?
Yes, to be able to participate in a live scene chat, you just need to be logged in. You can only chat with others during a live session. If the scene you're watching is not alive, you can only read the chat that was happening during the live session, but you cannot add more chat.

What is the lightbox at the bottom of scene page for?
When you select a scene from a subcategory, to provide an easier navigation, we show you a list of other scenes in that category at the bottom of the scene page, so you can see other scenes in your desired subcategory without going back to browse page and do a search again.

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