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You confirm that you are 18 years or older, and you live in a state where you can participate in skill based competitions.
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Start a match and we'll send you a player.
How To Do It:
You start a match. We notify other players and send you a push notification when one joined your match. That Easy!
1- Select your game.
2- Start a match.
3- We notify players at your level and when one joined we send you a push notification.
4- We will also send you their in-game tag name, so you can invite them for a match in your game app.
5- For better coordination, you can chat with them here.
6- When you both are ready, start streaming and begin the match.
7- When match is over, stop the stream and report the result on match's stream page.
8- We will immediately deposit the match prize into the winner's account.
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